Bringing new ideas to your school’s PTO board can feel like a risky and daunting task.  Sometimes it’s feels easier, more comfortable, to continue with the status-quo.  The phrase “it worked well last year” can sometimes feel like an insurmountable roadblock.  But it doesn’t have to be…   Here are 5 strategies that can help you to successfully implement fresh new ideas with your PTO:


  1. Be proactive – Think through your plan ahead of time.  Come to the meeting prepared to share your idea.
  2. Be the solution –  Change is hard and many PTO events/programs are deeply personal to their chair persons. Whatever change you are aiming to implement… tread lightly.  When describing an area for improvement… share your positive solution.
  3. Be organized – Have a plan for how your idea will work and what people or resources you will need to make it happen.
  4. Be concise – Be prepared to succinctly share how your idea will work.  When bringing others on board with a new idea using less words and more visuals is most effective.
  5. Be collaborative – Set a positive “we can do this!” tone with your idea.  Great ideas are contagious when they are presented in an inclusive manner.
January 18, 2018 by Kirsten Field