We would like to challenge you to think about the impact our program could make in your students’ lives. Gift giving is about showing love, care and appreciation for others. However, the current school holiday stores have made it such a commercialized event that it’s easy to forget why we give.

For many students, the school holiday store is the only chance the students will have to “secretly” shop for mom or dad. Why not give them the opportunity to attach love, pride and their own “flair” to the gifts they are giving?


How our program will change your students’ view of giving:

  1. The gifts they create are one of a kind
  2. The hand-made gifts are created with love.
  3. The students take pride in the gifts they give.

There are very few gifts that feel as good as receiving something you know was handmade by your child. These gifts have a certain “love factor” that outweighs even the most expensive gift. Ask anyone who’s ever received a hand-made gift, it’s their favorite present of the season and is treasured forever!

Each student has such an amazing gift of creativity. This is their chance to shine and use that creativity to make a hand-made gift that someone will love.

We want to transform the gift giving industry and teach children the real meaning of giving.

Whether you are looking for a change to your current holiday shop, adding a new holiday shop or looking for a school activity, please check us out!

January 17, 2018 by Kirsten Field