Attending a PTO, PTA, or any Parent Club meeting for the first time can feel a bit overwhelming.  It sometimes feels like you’re crashing a party of friends that have been together for years that are reliving funny details of an event they all remember fondly.  It can also feel like all eyes are on YOU.  You just might be the one that they’ve been waiting for… the one who will join their crew and help to shoulder the many hours of volunteer work that help to make the school events run smoothly.   


Either way– please don’t head to the nearest exit!  Relax… new ventures like this one take time.  Stepping out of your comfort zone and into this new group is a GOOD thing.  This is an opportunity for you to get involved in your child’s school and meet some new friends along the way.   As you consider joining the PTO, mark the meeting dates on your calendar and become a regular attendee of the meetings, learn the culture of the group, and when you’re ready.. start small and find a place where you feel comfortable contributing your gifts and talents.  You’ve got this.
January 19, 2018 by Kirsten Field