Rudolph Craft Kit

$2.50 $0.99

***Wondering why our prices are so low? We are making room for new inventory! This means GREAT SAVINGS for you, but the ornament kits that are discounted may come with a number sticker on the outside package as they are left over from our advent calendars*** 

Doesn’t it feel great to cross one more item off of your to-do list? Imagine if you had time to get a pedicure because you weren’t running from store to store buying all the materials for the craft activity at your school or birthday party. Forget spending hours on Pinterest searching for the perfect craft…Let us give you your time back! 

Our soft felt craft kits are perfect for your next kids event!  Whether it’s a birthday party, classroom party craft or school fundraising opportunity, our hand-stitched crafts kits are the perfect solution. The bright colors and felt stickers make these kits a no-brainer! Just pass them out and let the kids create. NO GLUE Required!!!

The shape of our  Rudolph craft kit will make this activity memorable.  No SEWING required. It's the perfect activity for your next kids event.

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