Jumpstart Her Business Bundle: Paperclips & Cupcake Toppers

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This bundle combines two best-selling craft kits from our InnovateHER collection, offering everything she needs to design, create, and sell stylish paperclips and adorable cupcake toppers. Makes over 10 fun products to sell!

START TODAY with Instant Access to Our Exclusive Mighty Girl Business Guide. While waiting for your craft kit to arrive, you can start now by coloring and designing your business cards, thank you notes, and pricing sheets. **Downloadable pdf sent 5 minutes after purchase.

Plus, we guarantee they'll earn $50 from their shop or your money back*. It's more than a craft—it's their first step towards creativity and business success!

The bundle includes:

  • Kidpreneur Poppin Paperclips Startup
  • Kidpreneur Cupcake Toppers Business

Give your child their first taste of entrepreneurship with our InnovateHER Business in a Box! This kit not only includes all the tools needed to create, package, and sell delightful crafts, but it also comes with an exciting guarantee:

Your child will earn at least $50 from their business venture, or we’ll refund your purchase*.

This offer isn’t just about crafts; it’s about building confidence, learning valuable business skills, and achieving real financial results. Equip your child to succeed today and inspire a lifetime of innovation! Read More.

Designed to spark creativity, improve fine motor skills, and offer a productive alternative to screen time, this bundle teaches young kids the fundamentals of running a business.

This exciting bundle includes:

  • Kidpreneur Poppin Paperclips Startup: Everything needed to create, package, and sell 45 unique paperclips. This kit features stylish tassels, pom poms, and other fun embellishments to create one-of-a-kind paperclips.
  • Kidpreneur Cupcake Toppers Business: Craft, package, and sell 5 beautiful cupcake bouquets. This kit includes decorative toppers, sticks, packaging materials, and incorporates the art of paper quilling for intricate designs.

Each kit comes with a Mighty Girl Business Plan to help her think and act like a business owner. She'll learn essential skills in marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship while having fun.

Order our Kidpreneur Bundle today and inspire young girls to become future leaders. Plus, we guarantee she’ll earn $50 from her sales or your money back*!


"This shipped so quickly! Thank you for that. My daughter is going to love it! What a fun idea!" - Veronica


"I was really impressed with the packaging. I gave it as a gift for my niece and I’m excited to see how it turns out." - Leslie


"Communication with the seller was amazing, and this is the second year I have purchased because we love them so much. Absolutely satisfied" -kingliza

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