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Father's Day Quiz For Kids

by Kirsten Field 22 Apr 2022
Father's Day Quiz For Kids | Kids Crafts

To celebrate dad this Father's Day, we've put together some fun questions to help you test your kids' knowledge of their father. Each of these questions is designed to reveal the fun and playful side of your kids' relationship with their father. Guaranteed to make you laugh, this simple quiz is great as a Father's Day activity or just to get kids thinking about the things they love about their dad.

What is dad's favorite sport?

What is dad's favorite ice cream flavor?

What is dad's favorite video game?

Who is dad's favorite sports team?

What does dad like to do for fun?

What does dad do for a living?

How old was dad when he became a father?

Where did dad grow up?

What was the best birthday present you ever gave to your dad?

Does Dad prefer Coke or Pepsi?

What's Dad's favorite restaurant?

What is dad’s favorite food?

How many miles can dad run or bike at a time?

What music does dad listen to?

What is dad’s favorite TV show?

What’s the coolest thing about dad?

When did dad start going grey and why do you think it happened?

Which of dad’s clothes do you think he should stop wearing and why?

We hope as you celebrate this Father's Day that our quiz provided a fun activity for your kids to show how much they love "and know" dad. Leave us comments below and let us know how it turned out! Happy Father's Day!

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