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The Crazy Things You Never KNEW You Could Embroider With Floss

by Kirsten Field 25 Apr 2022
The Crazy Things You Never KNEW You Could Embroider With Floss | Kids Crafts

If you've ever been on Pinterest or are just a fan of upcycling and DIYing, then you might have come across the periodic table of craft supplies (which also happens to be a collage of all the "crafty things" you can do with your embroidery floss). It's pretty cool, but it also makes me wonder: what else can I use my embroidery floss for that isn't listed? dmc color chart

We all know that summer can be a difficult time, especially if you have kids. It's important to encourage activities that get them up and moving and off their screens. Time to kick it old school and try these fun and creative embroidery projects for kids that encourage free-form creativity all day long! embroidery dmc

Growing up, did you find yourself sitting on the couch next to your mom or grandma, patiently and politely watching them or helping them finish their embroidery projects? I couldn't help but notice how much fun and laughter was associated with doing these DIY crafts & looking back, can't help but wonder why my girls don't embroider as much as I used to. embroidery thread dmc

Remember friendship bracelets? We've all made them. There might have been a time when we thought nothing could possibly mean as much as that mirage of friendship bracelets around our wrist. But as we've grown older, we know now that these can't even begin to compare to the power of what we can do with embroidery floss. dmc floss color chart

The best way to learn any skill is to be creative and experiment. Embroidery is no different! dmc embroidery floss color chart

DIY gifts are increasingly in vogue. It's a chance to either give a handmade gift (which is meaningful) or it's a chance for you to spend time making something for yourself or for your loved ones. Since there is no limit to the projects that can be done with it, I explored my options and came up with a few cool ideas.

Embroidery floss can be the perfect medium for greeting cards. It's something that I never would have imagined until I started looking into it. The term "embroidery floss" can apply to any thread which is used to sew, but what makes the thread different from other types of sewing thread is that each strand is six yards long with a fine and neat design at the center core of the thread.

Encourage your girl to create fun and unique embroidered cards and sell them at the end of the driveway (also check our Business in a Box craft kits). She can sew hearts, flowers, words, and animals into them to make a unique gift to give.

Not into embroidering greeting cards? There are plenty of other creative ways to apply this most versatile of materials. Have your girl help embroider and decorate plain white dinnerware for an upcoming party or event or use the embroidery floss to decorate cloth napkins. dmc floss

You know - all those things you stumble across in the thrift store and wonder what the heck do you make out of them? This is a perfect store to find fun items to add your personal touch to! d m c threads ebroidery floss dmc

As you can tell above, there are many different ways that you can use embroidery floss besides just embroidering with it. If you have some lying around your house, be sure to try out one or two of the ideas above and see what they can do for your home decorating. If nothing else, I'm sure you'll appreciate how much more versatile a little bit of embroidery floss can be these days.

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