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Let's show our girls how to be entrepreneurs! 

by Kirsten Field 25 Apr 2022
Let's show our girls how to be entrepreneurs!  | Kids Crafts

Summer’s coming...Ok, so if I'm like you (and let's be real...I am) then 1. I'm a SUPER busy momma 2. I love having my kids active and learning, but 3. I'm trying to find some cool camps and craft kits to keep my kids OFF their phones, pronto!

If you're looking to inspire your girl, we have the perfect tween arts and crafts kits for kids with an entrepreneurial spirit! 

Our InnovateHER modern craft kits for kids are designed to spark your girl's creativity while creating an opportunity for her to earn some extra spending money while creating her own business.

Our fun craft kits feature high-quality craft supplies such as yarn, beads, bright color packaging, and easy instructions.

When designing our InnovateHER "Business in a Box" craft kits, I reflected on my job as a mom/entrepreneur to realize that the impact my work as a successful small business owner had on my girls was far more positive than I realized. 

Watching me run my own business had inspired them to start their own businesses, like lemonade stands at the end of the driveway or mini-events to sell their rock painting collections. They had the power to do anything because they saw their mom do it. 

Our kids DIY kits are perfect as a summer activity to start their first business. Each craft kit for girls features everything she’ll need to construct, package, and sell the handmade DIY crafts she creates. 

We also include a Mighty Girl Biz Plan (think of it as a business plan for pre-teens) to get her thinking like a boss. To make her business even more real, encourage and help her with the following tasks:


With art supplies from the dollar store, have your girl create their own business cards. This art project will spark her creativity while allowing her to develop valuable business skills like planning, budgeting, and networking. She can refine her brand, use art to create her logo, and tap into her creative ability to design her own business cards to support her craft business.


Teaching a girl how to build an online featured store isn't just about learning something new — it's about turning that girl into an entrepreneur! A great way to do this is by showing her how to build her own store online. One of the easiest platforms on which to construct a site is Wix and the other is WordPress. Use our Mighty Girl Business Plan to help her price her projects. She can calculate shipping on the website and market her craft projects. Just make sure she clicks "save" as she's making the site!


What better gift for a young girl than the empowerment of financial independence? Our craft kits provide an opportunity for girls to make some money when they sell their craft projects. Whether she's deposited a birthday check into her bank account or has been rolling her own pennies, teaching her to open up a savings account at any age is the first step she'll take towards being in control of her own finances.


Encourage your kids to read stories about other featured young entrepreneurs like Isabelle Murray, The Creator of OwlCrate Jr.; A Book Subscription Box for 8-12 Year-Olds. She was 12 years of age when she started her company and has now sold thousands of boxes! Each subscription box features fun books and ships directly to your address. Her brand is now known nationally and kids are able to identify brands of books they love.


Whether it's an arts and crafts kit to make keychains or cupcake toppers, these crafty kits can make your girl feel like a successful entrepreneur who just happens to be 12 years old.

These are just a handful of the awesome kits for kids available for your daughter. They can keep her busy all summer long, and give you and her hours of art fun each day.

What's more, many of the crafts can be sold at craft fairs, house parties, or even to local stores and boutiques with customers and kids loving your products.

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to making cool crafts with your girl! Using our craft kit, you will be on your way to a screen free summer. Because lemonade stands are so last century!

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